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2018 Adelaide – NC State Research Starter Grant Recipients Selected

NC State Global offers funding for faculty or staff to enhance research collaboration and academic exchange with the University of Adelaide in Australia. This year, five projects were selected to receive funding for the joint starter grant program between the two universities. The projects were selected by a team from both institutions out of 24 total proposals.

Awards are designed to provide pump-priming and early contact partner outreach with the expectation that they will lead on to more substantive engagement resulting in high-quality outputs, such as international research training for graduate students or early career faculty, publication of joint papers from collaborative research, or follow-on joint research bids. Proposals fell into three priority areas: defense/cybersecurity, energy, and human health.

Congratulations to the following faculty on their successful proposals:

NC State: Alun Lloyd, Department of Mathematics
Adelaide: Joshua Ross, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Priority Area: Health
Project Title: Extending Mathematical Methods for Directly-transmitted Disease Models to Host-vector Disease Models 

NC State: Roger Narayan, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Adelaide: Roman Kostecki, Department of Physical Sciences/IPAS
Priority Area: Health
Project Title: Preliminary Results: Reducing the Burden for People Living with Type 1 Diabetes 

NC State: Cathrine Hoyo, Department of Biological Sciences
Adelaide: Jodie Dodd, Department of Medicine
Priority Area: Health
Project Title: The First 1,000 Days: In-utero and Early Life Exposures and their Contribution to Child Obesity 

NC State: Emerson Murphy-Hill, Department of Computer Science
Adelaide: Christoph Truede, Department of Computer Science
Priority Area: Defense
Project Title: Increasing Documentation Quality in a Security Context   

NC State: Andrey Kuznetsov, Department Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Adelaide: Andrei Kotousov, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Priority Area: Energy
Project Title: Modelling of Gas and Fluid Flow in Porous Media 

The strategic partnership between the University of Adelaide and North Carolina State University is a preferred relationship to leverage complementary strengths and trans-disciplinary scholarship to advance research collaboration as well as academic exchanges.