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AC21 Special Project Fund: Call for Proposals

The AC21 Special Project Fund (AC21 SPF) is now accepting proposals for the 2022 cycle until the December 15, 2021 deadline. The AC21 SPF was created in order to promote the development of research and educational exchange between AC21 members by providing seed funding for a variety of collaborative research projects and activities. NC State faculty are eligible to apply for $15,000 per project to stimulate collaboration among the members of AC21. Although research collaboration between AC21 members is important, this fund is not intended to support particular or individual research projects.

The Academic Consortium for the 21st Century (AC21) was established on June 24, 2002 at the International Forum hosted by Nagoya University, Japan, as an international network of educational, research and industrial organizations throughout the world. Consisting of 14 institutions, the AC21 seeks to promote the cooperation in education and research bridging between different societies in the world to share wisdom and knowledge on different cultures necessary for co-existence beyond national and regional boundaries. 

Nagoya University, established in 1871, has long been a leader in higher education and research in Japan. The university also has hosted the AC21 General Secretariat since the organization’s founding. NC State’s longstanding partnership with Nagoya University began in the early 1980’s and remains vibrant today with active academic cooperation that includes student exchanges, short-term training programs, cross-cultural exchanges as well as research collaboration among faculty in areas of complementary expertise ranging from life sciences, engineering, health and agriculture.