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Academy of Excellence in Global Engagement

Global courtyard in the fall with leaves on the ground.
Global Courtyard during the fall.

NC State’s faculty and staff are the drivers of excellence in global engagement, and through their commitment and dedication, our university is able to address major challenges facing our world. The Academy recognizes these achievements and helps to ensure NC State’s ongoing legacy of global leadership for the future.


Eligible faculty and staff include recipients of the following awards or recognitions, which honor individuals who have made significant contributions to NC State or the world in international research, scholarship, or service.

  • Fulbright Award

Prospective Academy members and fellows will receive an invitation to join and must respond in order to be inducted. The Office of Global Engagement will recognize newly admitted Academy members at the annual Academy Banquet and Symposium during International Education Month in November, and also during the annual Global Engagement Exposition in April.

Purpose and Responsibilities

The Academy will host a university-wide banquet and symposium in November of each year, to address a significant global issue and provide valuable networking opportunities.

Members of the Academy will have the opportunity to contribute to developing global research project and program development priorities by serving as expert consultants within NC State’s Global Engagement Institute. By encouraging the next generation of globally-engaged leaders at NC State, Academy members will elevate the status of NC State’s global mission.

Academy Membership

In recognition of distinguished contributions to global initiatives at NC State, eligible faculty and staff are invited to become members of the Academy.