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Partner Profile: American University in Cairo

Founded in 1919, the American University in Cairo (AUC) is a leading English-language, American-accredited institution of higher education and center of intellectual, social and cultural life of the Arab world. Located at a historical and cultural crossroads of humanity, AUC provides a vibrant forum for debate and exchanges while promoting understanding across the diversity of languages, cultures and human experiences. Chartered and accredited in the United States and Egypt, the AUC is an independent, not-for-profit, equal-opportunity institution.

AUC offers 40 undergraduate, 52 master’s and two PhD programs rooted in a liberal arts education and encourages the development of critical thinking and creative solutions among its 6,900 students. Additionally, AUC is committed to providing high quality professional community-based education to advance the economic development in the wider region. It’s educational assets include the largest English-language academic library collection in Egypt, three modern theaters and 15 cross-disciplinary research centers. The modern and expansive 260-acre New Cairo campus has state-of-the-art facilities for advanced research, innovative teaching, lifelong learning and civic engagement.

AUC’s values include: excellence, diversity, social responsibility, integrity, and lifelong learning that align well with those at NC State and provide a strong foundation for collaboration. Additionally, internationalization is a strategic priority for both institutions. The AUC-NC State partnership involves student mobility (semester exchanges and student training) as well as faculty exchanges and joint research.