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Faculty Resources

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Global Learning for All provides many opportunities for faculty to engage in both their research and classroom activities. Faculty can develop their connections to research partners around the world, creating opportunities for collaboration, publications and grant funding. They can lead study abroad programs or infuse their local classroom experience with global connections through online virtual exchanges ranging from synchronous classroom activities with international partners to asynchronous chats and guest lectures.

There are also many opportunities for global learning on campus through interactions with international students and visiting international scholars. These interactions can provide avenues for students to have meaningful experiences without leaving home, while developing their interest in learning more through mobility-based options such as  research and study abroad.

How do I get started?

  1. Identify courses, research projects and other possible connections that might work. What courses are you teaching or planning that would be most amenable to incorporating global collaboration?
  2. Consider existing international connections you already have for potential partners. Reach out to international colleagues at NC State or abroad, research partners, professional contacts, or graduate school colleagues in other countries.

Resources to Develop Faculty Global Connections

  • Global Research and Resources: The Global Research portal provides a range of resources that can move your projects forward.
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals: The 17 UN SDGs are providing a framework for a number of Global Learning for All activities. Linking teaching or research to SDG themes can open additional opportunities for partnership and collaboration. NC State Global’s seed grant application now asks faculty to identify the SDG(s) most closely aligned with their proposed project.
  • Join a Regional Engagement Team: The regional engagement teams bring faculty and staff together who have interests in a specific geographic region with the goal of making connections across campus for research and collaboration.
  • University Global Partnership Network : The University Global Partnership (UGPN) is a special network of four universities:  NC State University, the Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil), the University of Surrey (UK) and the University of Wollongong (Australia) that facilitates academic, research, student and staff engagement.
  • Subscribe to the GlobalEyes newsletter: This is a bi-weekly publication of the Office of Global Engagement that provides updates on international campus activities, global partnerships, new funding opportunities and upcoming events.

Developing Classroom Experiences

There is a broad range of activities that can be undertaken in online international learning.  The following link can help you identify what will work best for you.

  • Collaborative Online International Learning: Our Collaborative Online International Learning (“COIL”) page offers an overview of the process with examples of how to build these initiatives into your classroom.

Making Connections on Campus

There are resources on campus that can provide international exchange opportunities in organized formats.

  • Developing Cultural Competence (DCC): The Global Training Initiative (GTI) offers a structured, four-session cultural exchange program for NC State students and related global participants.  A certificate is awarded for completion of the course.
  • Globalize Your NC State Classroom: The Global Training Initiative (GTI) can partner with you to bring a small group of SKEMA international students into your classroom for an interactive session on a topic of your choice.  Sessions can be customized to material in your syllabus.