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Global Storyteller: Zoe Gobetz

Zoe Gobetz is a senior majoring in chemical engineering with a focus on sustainable energy.

Have you traveled in your life?

I’ve traveled mostly on family vacations around Europe, America, and the Caribbean islands; I recently studied abroad in Iceland too.

Did you find anything difficult before or after traveling abroad?

The most difficult part of traveling is meeting the people you will be traveling with for the first time, and packing was very stressful for me.

What has been the best part of your international experience?

All of the adventures and experiences were amazing. I went snorkeling in melted glaciers, went camping, and experienced a foreign country. The people honestly are the best part. The study abroad program made it easier though, since you’re with a group of people who share similar interests as you and like some of the same stuff you do.

What is your best memory when traveling abroad?

Hiking 14 kilometers up a mountain. As we got to the top, the tour guide told us to lay down and do nothing – just take in all the surroundings.

How has your life changed after traveling?

Traveling has made me more of an open person. I appreciate all moments more and don’t focus so much on taking pictures. I try to experience everything myself. It made me more hopeful. Studying sustainable energy can make you frustrated, because there is a lot of stuff we are doing that is harming the environment, and we could do better. Traveling abroad was refreshing to see another culture and country with people who still do believe in that.

What would you tell people planning to study abroad or travel for work or leisure?

I would say DO IT! Don’t be hesitant, and make it happen by any means you can. Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in the culture. Let your guard down once you know you are in a safe environment with people you can trust.

Tell us something random about yourself.

I’m a yoga teacher.

What are your plans right now for the future?

I’m looking for a job in sustainable energy.

What are you most proud of today?

The relationships and friends I have made – I share a lot of happy moments with my roommates who make me happy and proud.