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GTI Hosts Global Faculty Meet-and-Greet

The Global Training Initiative is hosting an international faculty networking event for members of the NC State community who are interested in meeting faculty in Colombia. This inaugural International Faculty Collaboration Fair will be held on Wednesday, December 9 from 3-4:30 pm via Zoom. The December meet-up will include faculty from the Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge (CCYK) network, which is a large organization of 31 universities whose members enroll more than 450,000 students and employ more than 3,400 government researchers.

This is one of a number of collaboration and engagement events the Office of Global Engagement has planned to support NC State faculty and students during this year of limited travel,” explained Michael Bustle, associate vice provost for global initiatives and education.

Interested faculty members from NC State and the CCYK member universities will sign up and post a brief profile of interests and research areas before the December networking event. This information will be used to group faculty with similar interests in the same breakout rooms. Faculty can also peruse the brief profiles posted on the GTI website.

“You can share contact information, describe your research or other areas of interest, ask questions of each other, share student or scholar openings, explore possible grant opportunities and more,” Bustle added. “The discussion is free form in the breakout rooms. You can sign off and leave whenever you want or pop into another breakout room with a second research topic.”