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Inauguration of NC State Prague

This summer, the NC State European Center in Prague opened NC State’s only permanent international facility. The center exists to support the educational and outreach objectives of both students and faculty and aims to be the NC State gateway to Europe for developing international networks and experiences. The university is also enhancing partnerships with local universities in Prague to increase faculty global engagement through research, co-teaching, symposium, and other scholarly activities.

Founded in 1991, NC State’s College of Design began by offering summer programs in Prague, including architecture, landscape architecture, art and design, and graphic design. The institute started providing a year round program under Dean Marvin Malecha’s leadership in 2005, making it the first permanent overseas facility within the UNC system. It continued to be expanded and became the NC State University Prague Institute, an initiative of the College of Design, in the same year.

From July 1, 2017, The Prague Institute was transferred out of College of Design into Office of Global Engagement with the name “NC State European Center in Prague.” With the reorganization, it is the intention that NC State Prague will offer study activities to all NC State students who want to visit Europe for a study abroad term.

Take a closer look: