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Meet Reiko Chosokabe

Reiko Chosokabe is the communications specialist and program coordinator in the NC Japan Center, a unit within the Office of Global Engagement. In her role, Reiko provides communication and translation between the local and state governments, businesses, public schools and universities with Japanese delegations visiting the area. She also coordinates events at the NC Japan Center.

What made you choose this field of work as a career?

I wanted to apply my educational background and experience as a teacher of Japanese language and culture to help build a strong relationship between Japan and North Carolina. I care deeply about helping people. I find it very rewarding and exciting to act as a liaison between Japanese and North Carolinians, assisting everyone involved to be successful in achieving their mutual goals. It gives me great pleasure to see people who participate in our events develop an understanding of Japanese culture and a desire to learn more about Japan, while also discovering the great new things that North Carolina has to offer. I’ve always liked participating in community work to connect people.

What do you like most about working in the NC Japan Center?

I enjoy close communication with Japanese delegations from business, academic, and government organizations to support their business recruitment and development of business opportunities here in North Carolina. It is exciting to see new visions become reality. I also enjoy working with the teachers and students in the Japanese language courses we offer here at the center, as well as planning and organizing various cultural and educational workshops and receptions for special events. It is so wonderful to meet new people.

How would you describe your job to someone who is interested in your field of work?

If you are passionate about foreign cultures and enjoy communicating with people with various backgrounds from other countries ranging from school children to government officials, this would be a very challenging yet satisfying field for you. You will need multi-tasking skills to manage a variety of tasks and the flexibility to adjust to and handle unusual requests and incidents that sometimes occur in this job. As long as we treat people with respect and have compassion, which in my opinion is the most important thing when it comes to international understanding, anyone can be successful. I can’t stress enough that this field of work is very motivating and allows you to grow together with everyone you come across while doing your job. It’s the most rewarding and wonderful feeling.

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