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Meet the Global Ambassadors: Elena Betancourt

Where are you from?

Charlotte, North Carolina

Have you ever traveled abroad?

Yes, I studied abroad spring 2019 semester in Milan, Italy, and I have previously studied abroad in Frankfurt, Germany and Granada, Spain in high school.

Do you have any global interests?

I’m a big European football fan, and I am also very passionate about trying foods from different countries. One of my favorite parts of studying abroad was trying traditional cuisine from all over the world!

Besides being a Global Ambassador, are you involved with any student organizations, work opportunities or volunteering that have a strong international focus?

Yes! Another student organization I am involved with is the Cultural Exchange Network, or CENet, which allows students from all over the world to interact with one another and participate in social, academic and service opportunities together. One of my favorite parts of my participation with CENet last year was participating in the International Buddy program and getting to know my buddy from Australia!

Why is global learning important to you?

Global learning is so critical in today’s world, especially as technology continues to connect us and the continued movement of people is not showing any signs of us slowing down. Through having a greater cultural understanding of the world and issues around us, we can be better prepared to handle future domestic and global challenges on economic and interpersonal lives.  

Why did you want to become a Global Ambassador?

As of right now, my main career goal is to become a Foreign Service Officer, especially as an ambassador to a foreign country. While my background in global relations will allow me to pursue this through higher education after undergrad, my fluency in Spanish will allow me to be useful in Central/South American and Spanish affairs!

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