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Nagoya University – NC State Research Collaboration Seed Grants

NC State Global offers funding for NC State faculty to enhance research collaboration and academic exchange with colleagues at Nagoya University in Japan.

The longstanding relationship between North Carolina State University and Nagoya University serves as a strategic partnership to leverage complementary strengths and inter-disciplinary scholarship in the advancement of research collaboration and academic exchanges. These awards are designed to provide pump-priming and early contact partner outreach with the expectation that they will lead to more substantive engagement.

Funds will support international travel and related activities leading to high-quality research collaboration. The intention is that these collaborations will result in high-quality outputs, such as workshops/seminars, research collaboration, exchanges of researchers and graduate students, publication of joint papers from collaborative research, or follow-on joint research bids.

2018 Funded Proposals

  • Toward novel multifunctional spintronic devices using hybrid two-dimensional quantum materials
    NC State PI: Dali Sun, College of Sciences
    Nagoya PI: Tomoyasu Taniyama
  • Perovskite oxygen sorbents for air separation in a thermal swing – circulating fluidized bed
    NC State PI: Fanxing Li, College of Engineering
    Nagoya PI: Ichiro Naruse


North Carolina State University:
Masa Fukai, Nagoya University: