Partner Profile: Nagoya University

Nagoya University, established in 1871, has long been a leader in higher education and research in Japan.

While working to further strengthen its research and educational abilities, Nagoya University is also making university-wide efforts in internationalization, gender equality, and social contribution. The university currently has approximately 16,000 students, which includes 2,200 students overseas. Meanwhile, the percentage of Japanese students who study abroad while enrolled at Nagoya University is increasing.

The world-class research at Nagoya University is evidenced by its six Nobel Prize recipients in the 21st century. In close cooperation with the nation, local governments, industry, academia, and citizens, Nagoya University is developing a wide range of partnership programs, with a view to creating a vital region for the future and promoting interaction with the world.

Through its commitment to promote collaboration and technology transfer, the Technology Partnership of Nagoya University hosted the 10th annual Technology Roundtable in mid-November at the NC Biotechnology Center. NC State faculty presented their research along with scientists from Nagoya University during the program that focused on complementary strengths in agriculture and biotechnology.

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