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Partner Profile: Universidad San Franciso de Quito

Universidad San Francisco de Quito, or USFQ, is a private liberal arts university in Ecuador. Located on a modern campus on the outskirts of Quito in the town of Cumbayá, USFQ resembles a small liberal arts college in the U.S., combining small class sizes with world-class facilities and the advantages of a big-city environment. As one of NC State’s most popular student exchange partnerships in Latin America, USFQ offers a variety of disciplines to its students, including agriculture, architecture and design, sciences, business, engineering, humanities, contemporary arts, gastronomy, tourism and hospitality, and more.

Although relatively small in size, Ecuador offers diversity in terms of geography and culture. The tropical forests of the Oriente, the beaches of the Costa, and the indigenous market towns of the Andes can all be found within a few hours bus ride of the capital, while the ecological wonders of the Galapagos islands can be reached by boat or plane. The Ecuadoran capital of Quito is nestled in a narrow valley surrounded by the green slopes of the Andes. Because of its high elevation (over 9,000 feet) and location just a few miles from the equator, Quito also enjoys a year-round, spring-like climate.

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