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Partner Profile: University of São Paulo

The University of São Paulo (USP) is a very large public university in Brazil with nearly 100,000 students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. Founded in 1934, the university brought together pre-existing schools in its early formation, which included the Faculdade de Direito do Largo de São Francisco (Law), the Polytechnic School (Engineering) and the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (Agriculture). Today, it is a comprehensive university with expertise in virtually every discipline.

The University of São Paulo is located in the state of São Paulo consisting of schools, academic departments, research institutes and other affiliated entities within its campuses across eight cities: Bauru, Lorena, Piracicaba, Pirassununga, Ribeirão Preto, São Carlos, Santos and São Paulo. While considered one of Brazil’s most prestigious institutions of higher education, the university’s research output is preeminent in terms of scope, scale, innovation and economic impact within the country and in all of Latin America. A significant proportion of scientific papers published by Brazilian researchers are produced at the university.

As a member of the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) along with NC State, the University of São Paulo (Brazil), and the University of Surrey (UK), UOW will host the upcoming 2021 UGPN Conference from 22 March to 25 March. The major theme for the annual conference is Resilient Universities that will include a focus on three important sub-themes: Industries for the Future, Health and Wellbeing and Sustainable Planet. Held virtually this year, it will consist of plenary sessions, concurrent theme-based UN SDG workshops as well as resiliency sessions that address topics such as Innovations in Remote Learning and Hybrid Education, Student Mobility and Mission Continuity.

The University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) sets out to create a foundation for international collaboration enabling academics, researchers, staff and students to work together on issues of global importance.