Sponsored Student Programs

The Sponsored Student Programs office at NC State provides comprehensive support and guidance to sponsoring agencies and their students, serving as the primary point of contact for all questions regarding sponsored students on campus.

The Sponsored Student Programs office at NC State works with nearly 200 graduate, undergraduate, and non-degree students across campus by providing them with hands-on support while also working with sponsoring entities to address academic and administrative concerns.

Our office provides mentorship and personalized guidance to sponsored students, helping them maintain satisfactory academic progress while ensuring compliance with sponsor requirements. We are an on-campus resource for sponsors and students alike, serving as a liaison between sponsoring agencies, the students, and the academic and administrative offices across campus.

The following pages include detailed information about the types of support we provide as well as links to useful documentation and relevant offices on campus. If you are a sponsored student, a sponsor representative, or need assistance, please call or email us.