The Sponsored Student Programs Office provides a host of support services to sponsors whose students attend NC State.

The Sponsored Student Programs office serves as your university liaison, helping address questions, serve as your link with students, and facilitating your connections with offices and departments across the university. We provide direct support to over 40 sponsor organizations representing more than 30 countries. We are here to serve as your campus resource and we encourage you to share your needs and expectations for your students with our office. We encourage sponsor officials to contact us so that we may understand the needs of your agency and assist in communicating those expectations to your students on campus. By working with us, you help us understand your needs, ensure the expedient dissemination of information to your students, and the timely delivery of support to you.

Some of the ways we support sponsors include:

  • Centralized point of contact at NC State specifically to answer questions and concerns
  • Coordination between admissions office, academic departments, international services office, Graduate School, and Intensive English Program (if required)
  • Receipt and distribution of forms required to sponsor enrolling students
  • Management of third party billing and student invoices
  • Production of customized letters upon request
  • Coordination of insurance waivers on behalf of a sponsor
  • Crisis management and official communication to sponsors during emergencies
  • Facilitate university visits and student meetings on behalf of sponsor representatives
  • Issuance of student grade reports each semester or upon request
  • Provide ongoing student wellness checks
  • Monitor student academic progress and provide liaison support to departmental support, academic advisors, or other support services
  • Serve as liaison between student, advisor, academic department, and sponsor for students encountering social, emotional, or academic difficulties
  • Communicate student academic difficulties to sponsors for those students whose GPA’s fall below graduation requirements and where immediate action must be taken

In order to provide the additional services and support to sponsors and sponsored students, NC State will include a $375 per semester fee to the billing statement of each sponsored student. This fee will be included on the student’s bill sent to the sponsor for every semester he or she is enrolled at NC State. For students choosing to enroll in summer sessions, this fee will only be assessed once per summer.

Please note: In order for NC State to share student information with sponsor representatives, students must have a signed Consent to Release Student Information form on file with the Sponsored Student Programs office. This form authorizes NC State to share relevant student information with sponsor representatives in compliance with FERPA regulations. Without a signed information release on file with the Sponsored Student Programs office, NC State cannot release student information.

Sponsors are required to complete a Sponsor Affidavit of Support expressly stating which student expenses and fees to be covered by the sponsor and which are to be billed directly to the student.

In addition to helping students enrolled in degree-seeking graduate and undergraduate programs of study, the Sponsored Student Programs office works with non-degree programs and the Intensive English Program to provide support to sponsored students in these programs. These non-degree programs can include: