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Staff Spotlight: Carl Thomas

Carl Thomas is the business operations manager in the Office of Global Engagement, where he supports the entire division and its units in establishing efficiency in human resources and financial practices. Working at the university for over a decade, Carl’s dedication and contribution to each office he has worked in is reflected in the improved functions of each unit he supports.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I have now been in North Carolina for most of my life, but I am originally from Connecticut. I attended NC State for college and loved it so much that I became an employee of the university. I have worked in the Office of Registration and Records and the First Year College (now Exploratory Studies) prior to joining the Office of Global Engagement.

How long have you been with NC State and the Office of Global Engagement?

Aside from going to school at NC State, I have been with the university as an employee for a little over 12 years. Out of those 12 years, I have been a part of the Office of Global Engagement for about four. I started in the Office of International Services (OIS), where I worked for three years then joined the office of the Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement in the summer of 2017.

Tell us what you do in a few sentences.

I am the Business Operations Manager in the Office of Global Engagement. I work at the division level to streamline administrative processes between the units that make up the Office of Global Engagement. Most of those processes involve HR and financial business practices.

What’s your favorite thing about your work?

I enjoy being able to work with so many people from different parts of the world in some capacity.

Tell us one thing we might be surprised to learn about you.

I am extremely shy.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Photography, travel and relax

What’s one thing on your desk you brought from home?

Hand sanitizer; I’m a germophobe.

What’s your favorite travel destination?

Amsterdam, though I should probably say Prague.

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