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Storytelling competition showcases international experiences

NC State’s first ever Think & Do in Two: Global Storytelling Competition took place November 4th at Witherspoon Student Cinema. Eight student finalists showcased their global experiences in exactly two minutes using six images that appeared for strictly 20 seconds each. Finalists exercised their creativity, using a variety of storytelling techniques including poetry, children’s stories and even fashion. Three of the finalists were international students and shared what it’s like for them to study and live at NC State, while the other five showcased study abroad experiences ranging from the Prague Institute to Semester at Sea and everything in between.

Immediately following the presentations, audience members including fellow classmates, family and friends, voted for their favorites using an on-line poll. The top three winners were announced at the end of the event. Congratulations to all of the finalists for their outstanding presentations!

2015 Think & Do in 2 Competition Winner: 

  • Stephanie Wenclawski
    Degree: Marine Sciences
    International Program: Semester at Sea (Spring 2015) and University of Western Australia (Fall 2014)

First Runner Up:

  • Sabriya Dobbins
    Degree: Animal Science & Social Work
    International Program: India: Wildlife Management and Conservation (Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015)

Second Runner Up:

  • Kat Selm
    Degree: Natural Resources
    International Program: IMAGINE: South Africa (May-June 2015)

Think & Do in Two 2015 Photo Album