Global Engagement in Academic Research

The summer program brings undergraduate students from NC State's global partnership institutions to campus to learn about research while gaining cross-cultural experiences.

Apply by March 16 for the 2019 Program

Students from NC State’s strategic partner universities are invited to apply for the GEAR summer program by the March 2 deadline. Participating students will do laboratory research at NC State from   July 6 – August 7, 2019.

Qualified undergraduate students will study and perform research under a faculty mentor at NC State. The program will:

  1. Introduce students to different aspects of research (planning experiments, managing time, ethical issues, summarizing results, and presentation skills)
  2. Introduce students to mentors that can make a big difference in their future academic development
  3. Support students as they determine if they are truly interested in pursuing a graduate degree that involves research
  4. Enable students to work on projects of interest while gaining cross-cultural experiences
  5. Help students meet distinguished individuals at the University, and make contacts that can last a lifetime
  6. Provide cultural excursions and weekend trips to learn more about life at a U.S. university and U.S. culture

The GEAR Experience

Application and Program Details

Experience Life in a Research Hub

North Carolina State University is located in the beautiful city of Raleigh and is right next to the world famous Research Triangle Park. It is well known for its research in the areas of biotechnology, agricultural, environmental an biomedical engineering, physics and veterinary sciences.


Students should contact their home university during the application period and not contact NC State until they are accepted to the program.

Research Program Director
Contact for information relating to Research and Final Projects
Dr. Sunny Liu
Animal Science
Associate Professor
Tel: 919-515-4024
Fax: 919-515-6884

Student Program Director
Contact for application and logistical questions
Global Training Initiative
Tel: 919- 513-0105