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Study Abroad Honored for DEI Efforts

The Study Abroad Office is the recipient of the 2021 NCAIE Institutional Award for Excellence in International Education, in recognition of its work to advance and prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion. This award is “presented to an institution whose international programming is exemplary and outstanding. The institution’s program should be not  only excellent but also unique.” The application was submitted by a former office staff member, Anna Hayes, who wrote, “They are working to ensure all students have access to study abroad, are well prepared for the experience, and supported while overseas.” In her nomination, Ms. Hayes highlighted the Study Abroad Office’s expanded outreach, improved programming, innovative and nationally recognized pre-departure orientation conference, new identity-based resources and student spotlights resources, and the Global Diversity Advocate program, led by Kory Saunders.

Picture of an award.

Additionally, Kory Saunders, Assistant Director for Strategic Marketing, Diversity & Inclusion, received the NC State African American Culture Center’s Ebony Harlem Awards –  Nkonsonkonson Staff Awards Sticks in a Bundle Award. This is granted to staff members who embody the spirit of the Nkonsonkonson, the “chain link.” According to the AACC’s website, “This award is given to a staff member that has displayed an investment in the professional and personal success of their Black colleagues. This staff member embodies that proverb of ‘sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.’ The criteria for this award is a demonstrated commitment to creating engaging spaces, encouraging collaborations and providing meaningful professional mentorship opportunities to their racially minoritized peers.”

Head shot of Kory Saunders.

Her anonymous nomination reads, “Kory’s framework is collaborative. She is often seen connecting with the centers and especially with black students, staff and colleagues to create more opportunity for black folks to see themselves traveling and moving abroad. She believes in engagement from every level and every space and is the true embodiment of what it means to join together to create unbreakable bonds. The ways that she engages are authentic and meaningful and allow people working alongside her to see themselves in new ways.”

The Office of Global Engagement continues to strive for deeper understanding and action related to diversity, equity and inclusion for global learning at home and abroad. We are grateful for the Study Abroad Office’s commitment to this effort,” says Dr. Li, Senior Vice Provost of the Office of Global Engagement.