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2015 UGPN Collaboration Fund Recipients Announced

Six projects were selected to receive funding out of a total of 16 proposals.  NC State faculty were well-represented on this fourth funding cycle with representation on 14 out of the 16 proposals.

The UGPN Fund is designed to support high quality research collaboration across the partner universities; North Carolina State University, University of São Paulo, and the University of Surrey.

The UGPN is pleased to announce awards for six successful bids to the fourth call for proposals.  Congratulations to the following faculty for their successful proposals, which will support substantive engagement and lead to publication of joint papers, workshops or development of subsequent research bids.


Project Title

NC State:  Prof. Yang Zhang

USP:  Prof. Maria de Fatima Andrade

Surrey:  Dr. Prashant Kumar

Towards the Treatment of Aerosol Emissions from Biomass Burning in Chemical Transport Models

NC State:  Assistant Prof. Erik E. Santiso

USP:  Fernando L. Barroso da Silva

Surrey:  Richard P. Sear

Understanding CaPP Deposition Disease (Pseudogout); Molecular Modeling & Simulation

NC State:  Prof. William F. Hunt III

Surrey:  Dr. Jonathan Chenoweth

Green Infrastructure Research Development for Stormwater and Air Quality

NC State:  John Mattingly

Surrey:  Paul Sellin

Characterization of Organic Scintillator Response to Fast Neutrons for Detection and Identification of Special Nuclear Material

NC State:  Slavko Komarnytsky

USP:  William T. Festuccia

White-brown fat plasticity and metabolic inflammation in  obesity and diabetes

NC State:  Dr. Abdel-Fattah M. Seyam

USP:  Dr. Júlia Baruque Ramos

Green Composites from Tururi Fiber and Soy-Based Resin and Their Potential Applications