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University of Adelaide and NC State Award Co-Funded Grants

The Office of Global Engagement and the University of Adelaide have awarded four starter grants to researchers at our universities to promote collaboration and academic exchange.

These co-funded grants provide funding for travel, the development of workshops, joint publications, and other collaborative international activities in four priority areas: defense, cyber and space; agriculture and food safety; global health; and materials and chemical engineering.

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s NC State-Adelaide Research Starter Grants

  • “From Consumers to Prosumers: Micro-Trading Rainwater at Households”
    • NC State PI: Emily Berglund, Professor, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
    • University of Adelaide PI: Martin Lambert, Professor, Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  • “The Health, Wellbeing, and Social-Cognitive Benefits for Children Who Learn to Get Along: A Test of the Role of Forgiveness”
    • NC State PI: Kelly Lynn Mulvey, Assistant Professor, Psychology
    • University of Adelaide PI: Peter Strelan, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • “Developing Novel Distributed Control Techniques for Multi-Agent Systems with Communication Delays and Switching Topology”
    • NC State PI: Fen Wu, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    • University of Adelaide PI: Peng Shi, Professor, Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
  • “Can Isoprostanes be used as biomarker for ischemic injury to the bowel to indicate the need for surgery in patents with abdominal pain? A one health perspective”
    • NC State PI: Liara Gonzalez, Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences
    • University of Adelaide PI: Erik Noschka, Associate Professor, Sciences

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