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NC State – University of Adelaide Starter Grants Available

NC State Global offers funding for NC State faculty or staff to enhance research collaboration and academic exchange with the University of Adelaide in Australia.

The strategic partnership between the University of Adelaide and NC State is a preferred relationship that leverages complementary strengths and trans-disciplinary scholarship to advance research collaboration and academic exchange.  This funding program is designed to provide pump-priming and early contact partner outreach with the expectation that they will lead to more substantive engagement resulting in high quality outputs. Examples of collaborative projects include international research training for graduate students or early career faculty, publication of joint papers or research bids.

Priority Areas:

  • Defence/Cybersecurity
  • Energy
  • Human Health/Epigenetics

Request for Proposals


Up to $20,000

Submission deadline: Friday, Feb. 23, 2018 5:00 p.m. EST

Proposals may include the following collaborative activities:

  • Workshops, guest lecture and high-level seminars on multidisciplinary research
  • Video-conference seminars
  • Development of joint industry-research collaborations with global impact
  • Delivery of a joint publication resulting from collaborative research or scholarship activities
  • Collection of preliminary data to augment a full proposal with potential for global impact to a funding agency
  • Creation and support of joint resources such as websites, research collaboration sites or other social networking tools
  • Exchange of post-graduate and PhD students



Mr. David Dixon, North Carolina State University,
Ms. Khloe Xu, University of Adelaide,

2015 Grant Recipients:

Project Title NC State Collaborator Adelaide Collaborator
Developing genomic approaches to track the evolution of insecticide resistance in serious agricultural pests Fred Gould Simon Baxter
International Research Collaboration on the Retrofit of Critical Civil Engineering Infrastructure Subject to Extreme Loading Rudolf Seracino Michael Griffith
Tunable Band-gap Metal Oxides for Solar-Driven Catalysis of Hydrogen Production Paul A. Maggard Tak W. Kee
The hormonal control of female reproductive development in flowering plants Jose Alonso Matthew Tucker
Cardiac Patches for Heart Diseases by Intelligent Injectable Hydrogels Ke Cheng Hu Zhang