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The Office of Global Engagement NC State’s gateway to the world, overseeing global research, education and partnership efforts that tackle the grand challenges of our interconnected society.

NC State Global Division

The Office of Global Engagement (“NC State Global”) at NC State University provides leadership in global initiatives, programs, and services for the University community, which is focused on expanding and supporting the university’s global activities, involvement, and impact.

The Office of Global Engagement serves as head office for six other Global units, including the Study Abroad Office, Office of International Services, European Center in Prague, Global Training Initiative, Intensive English Program, and NC Japan Center.

Mission Statement & Values

NC State Global provides institutional leadership to promote Global Learning for All by providing students, faculty, staff and the communities we serve with the strategic partnerships, global knowledge, cultural understanding, skills and hands-on experiences needed to empower the next generation of global leaders. We operationalize this mission through the following core values: 

  • Excellence: Setting high standards for the quality of our work and our relationships, to benefit people both home and abroad, as well as to experience personal and professional satisfaction in our own accomplishments
  • Collaboration: Building bridges across the campus and across the world, creating structures that facilitate the reciprocal sharing of each partner’s unique knowledge, skills and resources to build mutual capacity and advance the greater good  
  • Innovation: Continually examining changing external global conditions as well as internal institution and unit practices to proactively create relevant new initiatives, approaches and opportunities that address evolving needs and challenges
  • Outreach: Actively seeking and including a wide variety of partners and stakeholders in all our work, ensuring that we serve students, faculty, staff and community members or groups in global learning and collaboration 
  • Sustainability: Recognizing our global interdependence as we partner to steward our resources, linking the local to the global to help ensure that all may thrive, now and in future generations  
  • Inclusion: Inviting individuals and groups from all backgrounds, countries and cultures to participate in the campus community so that all of us can respect and embrace a wider variety of approaches to problem solving, relationship building, and well-being 
  • Integrity: Acting according to the values of NC State University, creating and pursuing global initiatives that promote professional standards, ethical decision making, transparency and accountability