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Fostering Global Collaboration: USP Journalist’s Visit to NC State

Starting in October, the Office of Global Engagement has been host to Erika Yamamoto, a Public Relations Journalist at the University of São Paulo (USP). Yamamoto’s visit to NC State seeks to enhance communication and knowledge exchange between USP and NC State. Specifically, she is investigating the organizational and communication structures of the University. Her visit is a testament to the strong partnership between USP and NC State, which are both partners in the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN)

Yamamoto was actually part of the network’s inception in 2011, which unites three universities in collaborative research projects. UGPN’s core objective is to foster research and development, including an annual call for proposals and conferences hosted by one of the member universities.

Yamamoto’s role as a journalist within the USP Press Office reports directly to the university’s President. She is responsible for documenting USP central administration’s initiatives and covering an expansive array of topics, including new programs and collaborations with governmental bodies and industry partners.

The choice to explore and learn from NC State is deliberate, as Yamamoto has already engaged with various NC State offices and communicators before her stay with us. While here, she plans to gather valuable ideas to take home to USP to enhance operations. 

For instance, her current engagement with the Office of Research and Innovation has provided valuable insights for effectively targeting diverse audiences.

She has also met with communicators in the Office of the Provost, which has inspired her to organize similar interactions within her institution, aiming to strengthen the dissemination of information at home. 

Erika Yamamoto and Peyton Carrington at Red and White Week.
Erika Yamamoto (left) and Peyton Carrington (right) at Red and White Week Kickoff.

Outside of learning from State colleagues, Yamamoto has also taken the time to immerse herself in the local culture, for example, by attending the recent State Fair. 

Her experience has illuminated the vibrant campus life at NC State, showcasing the myriad opportunities available to students. In her own words, “It’s a good place to be and study if you’re interested in global engagement.”

Upon her return, Yamamoto aims to strengthen communication and collaboration within UGPN. Her visit sparks excitement about the possibility of future staff exchanges, and her experience at NC State is an example of the opportunities for global engagement on campus.