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Passport Services

US passport laying on top of a world map that has pins it in indicating that the person has traveled there.

If you need your Passport fast

The entire country is experiencing a massive surge in urgent passport demand.

  • No need to keep calling local offices – all local passport offices across the country, including every single office in North Carolina, offer the EXACT SAME processing times, including for Expedited processing.
  • Right now the fastest you could receive your passport through any local passport office is up to 6 weeks PLUS 4 business days. (That’s paying extra for Expedited processing plus Express Mail both ways.)
  • If 6 weeks plus 4 business days is not fast enough for your travel plans, the only faster option is to get an appointment to go in person to a regional Passport Agency. (The closest agencies to us are in Washington, DC or Atlanta.) To pursue that option, including for life or death emergencies, please see the Department of State’s official webpage:

    Please note: There are many misleading websites out there claiming to offer “expedited” services. We do not recommend any other websites or services other than the official Department of State website

The fastest you can receive your passport through *ANY* passport office in North Carolina is: up to 6 weeks plus 4 business days.

That’s paying all the extra fees for: Express Mailing your application to the Department of State (1-2 business days), Expedited processing (4-6 weeks), and Express Mailing your passport to you (1-2 business days)

How to make an appointment

  • Each applicant requires a separate appointment.
  • Yes, we can take passport photos in our office at your appointment. (RECOMMENDED)

What to bring to your appointment

*Each passport application MUST include either a CHECK or a MONEY ORDER*

Adults (Non-Renewal)

  • If this is your first passport, or you don’t qualify for a renewal (for example, if you were a minor when you applied for your last passport)
  • Carefully review these instructions before your appointment with us.


  • Children ages 15 and under cannot apply for a passport by themselves.
  • Children ages 16 and 17 will follow the instructions for a Adult (Non-Renewal), but should attend with one parent to show parental awareness.
  • Carefully review these instructions before your appointment with us.

Renewals (Adults ONLY)

  • If you are eligible for a Renewal, you can submit your own Renewal application yourself through the USPS mail, without having to visit any passport office.
  • You will be mailing it to the *EXACT SAME* facility that we would be mailing it to, and with the *EXACT SAME* processing times.
  • (If you do not meet all the qualifications for a Renewal, you will need to follow instructions above for the “Adult (Non-Renewal)”.)
  • Click here to see whether you are eligible for a Renewal and for instructions to renew by mail.


If you require disability-related accommodations for your passport appointment, please contact or 919-515-2249 to arrange services. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your access needs. A minimum of two business days notice is required to ensure accommodation.

Refund Policy

All fees are non-refundable. If photos taken at the NC State Passport Services office are rejected, please contact us, bring the rejection letter from the Department of State, and we will re-take photos at no charge.


  • Email is the best way to communicate with us. Because we are busy helping people, we are often unable to answer the phone or respond to voicemails.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 919-515-2249


  • Our office is located on the Main Level of Talley Student Union (next to the OneCard office) NOT in Primrose Hall where our main Office of Global Engagement is housed.
    • Talley Student Union
    • Room 2123
    • 2610 Cates Ave
    • Raleigh, NC 27606
    • Click here for map/directions


  • The simplest parking is by credit card only at the Public Pay Lot at the intersection of Dan Allen and Cates Ave:
  • From the parking lot, we are a 5-6 minute walk straight down Cates Avenue.
  • Click here for map/directions