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Two female students with head scarfs are sitting on grass smiling at each other. There are other students in the background.


Students are key partners in the Global Learning for All initiative, whether participating in or creating engagement activities with international students or tackling the world’s most critical challenges.

Global Learning for All

As the name suggests, the Global Learning for All initiative aims to make global learning inclusive and accessible for everyone, both here on campus as well as abroad in the world. By incorporating a global mindset in a variety of programs, both academic and co-curricular, Global Learning for All advances critical thinking through engagement across cultures. Graduates require more than just a degree to compete in today’s global marketplace. That’s why NC State offers all of its students the chance to study abroad, to pursue international programs or research, or to simply see the world through another’s eyes.

“Full immersion in another culture heightens one’s cultural sensitivities and opens our minds to the complexity of the world.”

Chancellor Randy Woodson

Student Opportunities

  • Study Abroad: NC State’s dedicated Study Abroad Office empowers students to seek out new experiences and choose from hundreds of programs around the world.
  • International Services: NC State is home to nearly 4,000 international students from more than 120 different countries. OIS helps those students thrive at one of the best-value public universities in the nation.
  • College International Programs: Each college at NC State engages in unique international activities, offering global initiatives, course and opportunities to its students.
  • Global Perspectives Certificate: Maintained by the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, the Global Perspectives Certificate drives students to pursue global interests both here and overseas.
  • NC State Prague: A self-sustaining branch of NC State in the Czech Republic, the NC State European Center in Prague provides a unique opportunity for students to learn in an international location.
  • Global Health: NC State students gain high-impact, health-related learning experiences by working with local and international organizations that need their help.
  • Dual-Degree Programs: NC State offers seven international dual-degree programs that allow students to earn two degrees — one at NC State and the other at an partner institution overseas.
  • Peace Corps: NC State students can volunteer for the Peace Corps to serve others overseas, helping to eradicate disease, feed the hungry and address other worldwide challenges through innovative, grassroots solutions.
  • Intensive English Program: The Intensive English Program prepares international students with a rapid grounding in English language and American culture prior to enrolling in NC State degree programs.
  • Sustainable Development Goals: Learn more about how you can help tackle the grand challenges of the world.
  • Attend a Global Event: Browse our calendar of free upcoming events and activities.