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A Pledge from the Global Engagement Leadership Team

June 9, 2020

We in the Office of Global Engagement have spent the last few weeks listening, reflecting, and trying to process the emotions stirred by the abhorrent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. We are disgusted and appalled by the senseless murders*, and we recognize that racism must be called out, rejected and denounced as ignorant, divisive, damaging, and immoral – having no place in our diverse communities as it is antithetical to our core values. We need to work together to root out the systemic racism that has historically and continues to disproportionately impact Black people in the United States.

The leadership of the Office of Global Engagement** believes in the value of understanding, appreciating, and celebrating different cultures around the world and here at home. Our mission is to create and nurture understanding between cultures, which is fundamental to fostering social justice and, as a part of a higher education institution, prepare the global citizens of tomorrow to confront society’s grand challenges. Tackling racism and discrimination in meaningful and impactful ways is one of our greatest responsibilities. As international educators, we will act, lead, and serve as positive and effective models for diversity, equity, and inclusion at NC State.

We applaud the university’s decision to require the completion of diversity and inclusion learning modules for all members of the NC State community and to review its policies and procedures, strengthening them as needed. Our division is committed to completing these modules and taking stronger concrete steps that build on our existing initiatives.  Our pledge is to continue to listen to all perspectives and life experiences, critically examine our own thoughts and actions, and educate ourselves and others to create the needed context for deeper understanding and mutual respect. We realize that more action is needed as we stand united in pursuit of racial justice to achieve real and permanent change.


The Global Engagement Leadership Team

*edited for clarity

**edited from the original statement of “The 66 staff members in Global Engagement chose international education as a profession because we believe” because the statement was drafted by the leadership team and not the entire division.

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