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NC State Prague Ready to Welcome Study-Abroad Students

On January 20, NC State Prague will welcome a group of 17 students for the spring semester. “We have solid COVID-19 safety protocols in place in which staff and faculty have been trained,“ says Anaël Symůnková, Communications Specialist for the European Center in Prague. “This is an unprecedented time and a unique situation.”

Most of the incoming students come from the College of Design and study architecture. Studying abroad in the 2021 Spring semester is their last opportunity to study abroad before they graduate.

“Prague is such a beautiful place, and we are certain that students will not be disappointed,” states Symůnková.

While some students will be soon on their way to Prague, others are in the process of deciding upon studying abroad in Fall 2021. If you are interested in studying abroad in the Fall 2021 semester, please apply before February 1.