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Partner Profile: Reutlingen University

Reutlingen University, founded in 1855, is one of Germany’s leading universities and one of NC State’s strategic partners in study abroad and international dual degree programs, offering international academic programs with close ties to industry and commerce. 

The university is home to 5,800 students spread across five different schools. The university’s ESB Business School is one of Germany’s most prestigious management institutions and is where our International Business Dual Degree students spend their third and fourth years.

Another collaboration between NC State and Reutlingen is the Global Leadership Minoran interdisciplinary and innovative program designed to give students from any academic background a competitive edge in the global workforce. 

Students participate in a cohort of up to 15 for a semester abroad in the Czech Republic, England, and Germany to receive the Global Leadership and Team Decision Making Minor. The first cohort arrives in Prague to start their experience on Jan. 20.

Bryan Munoz and Cenia Goldstein both studied abroad at Reutlingen during summer programs and learned about global business practices through enriching experiences outside of the classroom.

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