Partner Profile: The University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide aerial campus shot

As universities worldwide have rapidly transitioned to remote delivery of courses through leveraging online platforms, adopting and deploying blended learning models as well as integrating innovative teaching methodologies, NC State’s educational partnerships and peer networks can help support faculty and students to successfully navigate the new paradigm. For faculty, learning the skills required for online teaching, becoming familiar with the technology, and exploring new applications is only the beginning. Developments in curriculum and delivery can be further enhanced through working with global peers to share knowledge and creative solutions. 

For students, staying engaged and motivated, honing time management skills, and connecting with instructors and fellow students are critical to success. Due to the COVID-19 situation, NC State students recalled from their Spring 2020 semester exchanges received support, advice, and guidance from the dedicated staff in NC State’s Study Abroad Office. Student health and safety was and is the primary concern, but once returning to the US, efforts on how to complete coursework for the semester soon followed. Online delivery provides one solution, where the capacity exists and there is a willingness to adapt to new methodologies. 

The University of Adelaide is a key strategic partner for NC State, and the similarities between our institutions have helped build a strong foundation for ongoing collaboration and mutual benefit.  As one of the largest semester exchange programs at NC State, more than a dozen NC State students study at the University of Adelaide each year.  Claire Henson, a major in Textile Engineering with a minor in Environmental Science, noted in a recent Spring 2020 Stories: Meet Claire Henson that she continued her classes online through UA with the benefit of having UA faculty who were “extremely flexible” in supporting students after their return to the U.S. and continuing their coursework asynchronously.

University of Adelaide campus

The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s top research universities and has four onshore campuses. North Terrace, in the cultural heart of the city of Adelaide, is the main campus and site of most teaching and research facilities. Thebarton campus in the inner western suburbs is one of the premier university-owned technology/research parks in Australia. Waite campus in suburban Urrbrae encompasses the largest agricultural research complex in the Southern Hemisphere, with many co-located government and industry partners. Roseworthy campus, 50 km north of Adelaide, is an internationally renowned center for excellence in agriculture and animal science, hosts several collaborative centers, and is the site of the university’s new veterinary school.