Global Storytellers

Apr 18, 2018  |  News

Consortium Generates International Collaboration at Annual UGPN Meeting

NC State faculty and staff members traveled to Guildford, U.K. last week to participate in the University Global Partnership Network’s annual meeting hosted by the University of Surrey as part of the Office of Global Engagement’s annual faculty global symposium. […]

Apr 10, 2018  |  Faculty

Faculty Global Storyteller: Wildlife Conservation in Namibia with Larry Silverberg

Larry Silverberg is a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering who co-founded the Namibia Wildlife Aerial Observatory Project. This past fall, Silverberg led students on a pilot study abroad program of the development a wildlife aerial observatory in Namibia. The […]

Apr 2, 2018  |  Global Storytellers

Global Storyteller: James Ploss

James Ploss is a junior studying evolution ecology and conservation biology who recently traveled to Namibia as part of a study abroad program. What has been the best part of your international experience? The best part of doing research in […]

Mar 26, 2018  |  Global Storytellers

Global Storyteller: Liza Bunce

Liza Bunce is a senior studying zoology. Have you traveled in your life? Yes, I’ve traveled with family on the east coast. I lived for a short while in London, and recently I did Semester at Sea. Did you find […]

Mar 2, 2018  |  Global Storytellers

Global Storyteller: Zoe Gobetz

Zoe Gobetz is a senior majoring in chemical engineering with a focus on sustainable energy. Have you traveled in your life? I’ve traveled mostly on family vacations around Europe, America, and the Caribbean islands; I recently studied abroad in Iceland […]

Feb 9, 2018  |  Global Storytellers

Global Storyteller: Sinthia Shabnam

Sinthia Shabnam is a junior and a double major in sociology and political science. Have you traveled in your life? I have traveled to Bangladesh four times throughout my life. Did you find anything difficult before or after traveling abroad? […]