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Global Storyteller: Shayista Syed

What degree are you working towards?

Bachelor’s degree in accounting

Tell us your leadership story! Describe a little bit of your journey growing up that made you into a leader. What experience(s) defined you?

I was born and raised in the Southeast part of India. As I was growing up, I always felt the need to experience something for myself rather than just spend my time with my school books. I felt that the knowledge I was acquiring was not being used to its utmost potential. So, I decided to further my studies here in the US to strengthen my developing skills while also actively participating in research. I applied to NC State University because it is the kind of institution that has helped me apply my knowledge in Accounting, practice my skills, develop a good network, meet new people, get effective coaching from the best faculty, and continually improve myself throughout the process.

Why did you choose NC State? How did NC State help you grow as a leader?

I chose NC State mainly because it provides a sense of community to all students. Irrespective of our nationalities or cultural backgrounds, NC State makes us feel comfortable with its wide range of resources and exceptional campus environment. Moreover, NC State’s faculty and professors are definitely one of a kind and offer outstanding teaching styles and are constantly trying to help us all succeed.

What is a new skill and/or hobby you’ve developed while at NC State?

I wanted to have a new hobby because I was bored with the usual ones. So I wanted to try out swimming because a lot of people in my country don’t usually swim or dive. So the first time I went swimming, I was really nervous. I’d never been in four or five feet of water before. It took about two months for me to feel comfortable in water, and then after that, I started learning diving in about eleven feet of water, and so now I’m a swimmer and a diver. I think it’s still my favorite hobby. Whenever I’m free, I always try to go swimming.

What would you tell a prospective international student who was interested in attending NC State?

I honestly believe that coming to NC State is the ideal situation for any international student. NC State has a diverse range of students from different countries that help you broaden your horizons and develop genuine bonds with others while learning about new cultures. In addition, NC State provides students with various opportunities on campus to showcase their talents and expertise in their chosen field. For example, the Deloitte Case Competition that was held in 2017 helped me prove my abilities which led to my team became the National finalists. Even as you get closer to graduate, NC State assists students in gaining access and information to good jobs through the Career Counseling Center and the various recruiting events that are held every semester.