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COIL Programs with Waseda University

In spring 2021, NC State University, the Office of Global Engagement and the NC Japan Center engaged in our first-ever COIL collaboration with our academic partner Waseda University.

COIL, or Collaborative Online International Learning, is a wonderful and effective way for students to engage with global cohorts, learning about other countries, lifestyles and perspectives, and strengthening their cultural competency.

Research shows that virtual exchange students demonstrate an increase in cultural intelligence after participating in a COIL course, as well as an interest in greater global engagement. COIL courses have increased the probability of studying abroad overall increased from 5.6% to 13.3%.

Spring 2021 COIL Programs

“Politics of China and Japan” (PS 342) + “Postwar Japan – US Relations” (Waseda University)

Dr. Jessica Liao, assistant professor of political science at NC State’s School of Public and International Affairs, collaborated with Dr. Mieko Nakabayashi, former politician (Japan’s House of Representatives 2009-2012) and current professor at the School of Social Sciences at Waseda University, discussing US-Japan relations.

The COIL project for this partnership was titled “Why Perceptions Matter in International Politics,” and encompassed shared study materials, cross-cohort interviews, essays, and shared online discussions.

Below, Dr. Jessica Liao shares her experience in participating in this COIL interaction with Waseda University.