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“Going Abroad Again” Highlights Post-Grad Global Opportunities

International study and research opportunities continue for students after graduating with an undergraduate degree, and the Study Abroad Office has launched a new profile series to highlight that. “Going Abroad Again” is organized by Kyle Keith, one of the office’s international programs coordinators.

What is the series all about?

The “Going Abroad Again” interview series is a collection of short, written interviews with NC State staff, faculty, and alumni about their post-graduation international experiences. In the interviews, which are published and curated on our website and also circulated via newsletter to current students, participants share details about what their experience or program was like, how they found out about it, and what advice they have for current NC State students who are curious about additional international opportunities after graduation. So far, interviewees have shared their diverse experiences in Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Jordan and Norway as teachers, graduate students, interns and citizen diplomats.

Why did you decide to start the series?

Many recently returned study abroad students are eager to go abroad again, but may not be aware of the extensive programs that exist to help make that a reality. By starting this interview series, our office can help spread the word about these special opportunities to eager students and also help connect students to various individuals, resources and strategic campus partners, such as the University Fellowships Office. The interview format is ideal because it allows our office to build-up a written record of folks’ experiences to easily share with future cohorts of study abroad students, and it also helps extend our reach and support to students that may not be able to attend some of our traditional reentry events that normally take place in-person on campus each semester.

What are you hoping the series will accomplish?

I see this project, primarily, as an extension of our office’s commitment to widening access to global education experiences. For current NC State students, I hope that this project generates greater awareness of post-graduation international opportunities, facilitates more personal connections between students and the NC State alumni, faculty and staff featured in the interviews and that the narrative interview format helps students “see themselves” in others’ experiences – similar to our “Student Spotlights” for students just beginning to consider studying abroad. For those being interviewed, my hope is that participation in this unique project allows for some personal or professional reflection on past experiences and that it also facilitates a stronger connection to our office for the NC State alumni interviewed.
Who would you like to highlight in this series and how can they reach out to you?
Any member of the NC State community (graduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni) who has studied, volunteered, taught, or worked abroad after completion of the undergraduate degree is welcome to contact me via email ( to be featured in this interview series. We also have a Google Form where interested participants can submit their interview responses and photos directly.