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NC State Grows Partnership with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

NC State and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) have many meaningful formal and informal relationships with institutions in China. NC State’s relationships within the country are valued partners in the areas of agriculture and life sciences whose efforts develop mutually beneficial active collaboration, educational training and scientific exchange.

This week, NC State welcomed a delegation from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) to discuss ongoing cooperation and strategies to strengthen and sustain our relationship for the future. CAAS is a national agricultural scientific research organization with responsibility for carrying out both basic and applied research, as well as research into new technologies impacting agriculture.

The delegation met with leadership in CALS as well as the Office of Global Engagement.¬†As CAAS has eight institutes that focus on veterinary¬†medicine, this visit provided an opportunity to expand interactions with the College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State in order to identify areas for future collaboration.

One priority for the strategic partnership is the engagement of industry and organizations which could be a part of a broader collaborative alliance. The visit also involved meetings at agriculture biotechnology companies in Research Triangle Park.

The core pillars of the NC State-CAAS relationship include the development of joint research collaboration, scientific exchange through faculty and graduate student research programs, Ph.D. education in areas of mutual expertise, the organization of joint workshops and faculty visits, and engaging new partners with complementary interests in research and educational opportunities.

Delegation Members:

Professor Changfu Lou, Vice President, GSCAAS

Ms. Jianling Yang, Deputy Director, Professional Degree Office, GSCAAS

Ms. Songjie Tian, Deputy Director, Degree Office, GSCAAS

Dr. Yiwei Dong, Deputy Director, International Education Office, GSCAAS

Dr. Yimin Liu, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute

About the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences:

Established in 1957 and headquartered in Beijing, CAAS oversees more than 30 institutes. CAAS is dedicated to overcoming a broad range of challenges impacting agricultural development and support of the local rural economy. Importantly, CAAS promotes sustainable agriculture within and outside China, extending its reach through technology exchange and cooperative research agreements with agricultural research institutions/universities domestically and internationally and global non-governmental organizations.

Learn more about our strategic partnership with CAAS through the Global Partners Database.