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NC State Students Receive Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad

NC State is dedicated to giving all students access to life-changing international experiences through increased scholarship support for study abroad.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship – a program which enables students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad – awarded scholarships to 14 NC State students this year. The Gilman Program gives students the chance to develop a proficiency in diverse cultures and languages, skills that are critically important to their academic and career development. NC State students received a combined total of $51,500 in funding in 2017-18.

NC State’s Gilman Scholarship recipients for 2017-18 are:

Academic Year 2017-2018

Jose Benavidez-Aviles
South Korea: University of Seoul

Fall 2017

Madelyn Afshar
Morocco: CIEE – Morocco: Language and Culture

Mauricio Carrillo
Ecuador: Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Briana Garcia
Chile: Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

Ulises Gutierrez
Hong Kong: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Julianne Pomnitz
Ecuador: Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Galapagos Extension)

Spring 2018

Victor Eduardo
United Kingdom: University of Leeds

Harrison Kaufmann
Australia: NC State in Australia: University of Adelaide

Joanne Zhang
Italy: NC State in Italy: Semester at Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute

Brianna Sorber

Australia: Monash University

Summer 2018

Anna Davis
China: Engineering, STS, and International Relations

Mary Flores
Namibia: African Ecology and Conservation, Namibia

Cyrus Rad
France: Foreign Language and Culture in Lille, Paris and Normandy

Katherine Stubbs
Peru: Spanish Language and Peruvian Culture

Anneliese Vendel
Japan: Japanese Studies at Osaka Gakuin University

Aalia Shariff
Spain: Language and Culture in Valencia

Since the Gilman Program’s establishment in 2001, over 1,300 U.S. institutions have sent more than 25,000 Gilman Scholars to 145 countries around the globe. The U.S. Department of State sponsors the scholarship program.