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Partner Profile: Mzuzu University

NC State’s partnership with Mzuzu University, Malawi leverages collaboration to address complex and pervasive challenges related to Global Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene (Global WaSH). At NC State, the Global WaSH Cluster was established to conduct critical research and teaching in water, sanitation and hygiene issues. Diverse faculty transform NC State’s talented and service-oriented students into effective WaSH practitioners.

The Mzuzu University Centre of Excellence in Water and Sanitation was established in 2009 within the Faculty of Environmental Sciences. The primary objective of the Centre is to improve the effectiveness of sanitation, hygiene practices, and water supply interventions serving Malawi and surrounding countries. The Centre participates in research, water quality and fecal sludge analysis, training, consultancies, outreach programs, and the practical application of research findings. Dr. Rochelle Holm, who is a long-time collaborator in sanitation from Mzuzu University in Malawi, has worked extensively to bridge the gap across boundaries of research and innovative practice by working together with rural communities, government officials and academics. She has led field research teams on a high range of topics like pit latrine contents and microbial communities over the years.

Mzuzu University is one of the principal universities in Malawi. The campus is located in Mzuzu, in the northern region of the country. It was established by an Act of Parliament in 1997 as Malawi’s second national (public) university in Malawi. The first students were admitted in January 1999.  Mzuzu University offers academic programs at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels in disciplines such as education, forestry, land management, biomedical sciences, and renewable energy.

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