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NC State SDG Initiative

Beginning during the Fall 2021 Semester, NC State will launch a campus programming initiative focused around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This initiative, scheduled to last through the 2021-22 and 2022-23 academic years, will feature a wide array of programs each semester focused around a cluster of SDGs. The purpose of the SDG Campus Programming Initiative is to educate students at NC State as to what the SDGs are, why they are a blueprint for peace and prosperity in the world, and inspire them to take action in support of the goals on their campuses and in their local community.

Fall 2021 SDG Cluster: Quality of Life

Fall 2021 SDG Cluster

More than 700 million people still live in extreme poverty today, struggling to fulfill the most basic needs like health, hunger, and access to water and sanitation. Current estimates show that nearly 690 million people are hungry. Worldwide, one in three people do not have access to safe drinking water, two out of five people do not have a basic hand-washing facility with soap and water, and more than 673 million people still practice open defecation. Health emergencies such as COVID-19 pose a global risk and have shown the critical need for preparedness. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the critical importance of sanitation, hygiene, and adequate access to clean water for preventing and containing diseases. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

Future Thematic Clusters

Upcoming Campus SDG Events

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Get Involved

SDG@3 Workshops

Learn about a different UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) each session and how you can be involved. The SDGs offer goals for the world to better the lives of everyone on the planet.

The Fall workshop series will focus on Quality of Life and feature a faculty member, student group representative, and practitioner from the community briefly sharing what they are doing to make a difference. Each session will include time for table discussion and conclude with ways you can connect.

Plan your Own Event

NC State Global invites campus partners to host events related to the semester’s cluster of Sustainable Development Goals. Events can be submitted through the University Calendar and will automatically be routed to NC State Global for promotion. Please see the expandable box for additional information.