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Partner Profile: Addis Ababa University

Addis Ababa University (AAU) is the oldest and largest institution of higher education in Ethiopia.

Established in 1950, AAU has been a leading center for education, research and community service in East Africa. The university is comprised of ten colleges, which include 55 departments, 12 centers, 12 schools, and two teaching hospitals along with several research and teaching institutes. AAU enrolls over 47,000 students across its 14 campuses.

Global Health is an important area of engagement between NC State and AAU. Collaborative research, as well as student training projects in Ethiopia, address critical food security issues such as foodborne pathogens in dairy animals and poultry health as well as broader infectious or zoonotic diseases in equines.

Additionally, NC State faculty are actively engaged in collaboration with colleagues in the departments of history and political science at AAU that involve contributions to journal articles and joint publications.

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