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Outstanding Global Engagement Award

Dr. Heidi Hobbs at the 2023 Global Engagement Expo

2023 Call for Nominations


This award encourages and recognizes outstanding accomplishment in globally engaged teaching, student support, research, extension, and/or engagement and economic development by faculty and non-faculty staff professionals at North Carolina State University.


This is open to all current full-time faculty and non-faculty staff professionals at NC State University. Nominees should have a well-established and ongoing record of international activities while working at NC State, demonstrated by regularly going above and beyond normal job responsibilities. Such activities may include several of the following: individual and/or collaborative international research, teaching, or program development, the promotion of student involvement in global activities, accomplishments in international extension, service on international boards and task forces, consulting, publications and/or performances. Awards will be made annually to NC State faculty and non-faculty staff professionals whereby recipients receive funds for future international collaboration.

Past Jackson Rigney International Service Award recipients are NOT eligible for the Outstanding Global Engagement Award. Previous Outstanding Global Engagement Award recipients are eligible to be nominated for the Jackson Rigney award in the future.

Criteria for Award

Evidence of International Activity: Any international partnerships cited must be meaningful and beneficial collaborations between the university and partners or communities abroad, going beyond collaboration between individuals. Outstanding international activity includes enhancing global perspectives that enable our graduates to be competitive in the work force, international research that advances our reputation as a leading university, and/or global extension and engagement that allows for meaningful impact in the lives of individuals throughout the world.

Nominees for this award should have made important international contributions in one or more of the following aspects of the university’s mission:

  • Research and Discovery: The extent to which the faculty or staff member’s research has made a significant contribution to his/her discipline, through the creation or discovery of new knowledge and how that work involved international collaboration and activities.
  • Teaching and Learning: The extent to which the faculty or staff member’s teaching or other support increased student awareness of international issues and/or involved them in learning activities abroad. The committee will also review the extent to which courses with international content (including study abroad courses) served as models for future courses in the curriculum.
  • Engagement, Extension and Economic Development: The extent to which the international activities cited in the nomination raised NC State’s profile as a major land-grant university, and led to documented evidence of outcomes and benefits. Significant engagement programs, mentoring exchange partners, and economic development programs are to be included here.
  • Impacts and Accomplishments: Documentation of evaluated impacts of the nominee’s international efforts upon the target audience(s), including the collaborators and NC State community will be considered in the selection of award recipients.

Nomination Instructions

Nominators submit their application materials to the individual designated by their Dean/unit head. Each college or administrative division may select one individual for nomination per category below. Nomination packages must be submitted from the office of the dean or unit head. Each college or administrative division may select up to one individual for nomination in each of the following categories:

  • Early-career faculty: Eight years or fewer regardless of track
  • Senior faculty: More than eight years at the rank of assistant professor or higher
  • Non-faculty staff professional: Nominated by members of the IOC and units within the Office of Global Engagement

The members of the International Operations Council will review all nominees and make the selection recommendation regarding the awards. The nomination package must include the following materials:

  • Nomination letters for Early Career Faculty and Senior Faculty should be submitted (and signed) by the college dean or lead unit administrator (if outside an academic college)
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae, which should emphasize the impact that the nominee’s international activities have had on the NC State community and must be limited to two pages.
    • If the application package does not meet the requirements, it will automatically be dismissed.

Important Dates

  • Nomination deadline: February 15, 2024
  • Award announcement & ceremony: April 2024

Nomination packages must be submitted from the office of the dean or unit head.